At one point one of Netflix‘s most watched shows, Arrested Development has had a very noticeable impact on television comedy, with its innovative style and format influencing some of the most popular shows of recent years. Although it had an average reception upon its initial broadcast, it rapidly developed a huge cult following once its first three seasons were adopted by streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Netflix responded to this by taking over the the show and creating a fourth season to feed fans’ ache for more. While this most recent season is largely considered its weakest link, it has hardly dissuaded the fan base from demanding more of the Bluths’ misadventures.

Rumours about a fifth season have been circulating for years. But the gap between the third and fourth seasons was a full seven years long. George Michael had grown a foot taller and a scruffy little bumfluff beard in that time. It left fans with no guarantee if or when a fifth season would finally happen, even if it was confirmed.

Today, the actor playing the character at the very centre of the show Jason Bateman – who stars as the most sensible Bluth, Michael – took to Twitter today to announce that he had officially signed his contract to revive his role:

The new season is reported to have a total of 17 episodes, but other than that it is still very much a mystery.

At the end of the last season, the Bluths had gone their separate ways and a Bluth alone in the world does not often make for a success story. Each has ended up in their own kind of trouble and it’ll certainly be interesting to see where they’ll be three years later.

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