Just when you thought you saw the last of “The Dude” he pops up one more time to surprise you with another performance. Jeff Bridges has quite the film career for himself spanning his entire 54 years as one of the finest actors on the market. I’m comfortable enough with who I am to say I have a big ‘man crush’ on Jeff Bridges, the man can do it all. Last year he was a busy getting his Flynn on in Tron Legacy and kicking ass as Roger Cockburn in True Grit, so he’s taking this year off. Thankfully Bridges will be starting off strong in 2012 co-starring the live action adaptation of Peter M. Lenkov‘s R.I.P.D.

The musician, photographer, and wine seller is confirmed  to star alongside Green Lantern star Ryan Rynolds in the Robert Schwentke directed film. The Oscar winning star will play Roy, a dead gunslinger from the old west who teams up with a recently deceased cop to solve the cop’s murder. Two western roles back to back, Jeff must really enjoy using a six-shooter and riding a horse (must be the chaps). Hangover 2 star Zach Galifianakis was attached to for the role but dropped out due to scheduling issues, thank god.

No offense to any of Zack’s fans, myself included, but having Jeff take over is a serious plus for the movie and it hasn’t even started shooting yet. With Ryan and Jeff both having prior experience in comic book based movies this is shaping up to become a grade A hit. Zack pulling dick jokes in an action movie would have watered the credibility of R.I.P.D anyway, thank God for “The Dude”.

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