After a tumultuous experience with all the other Marvel Defenders series getting cancelled despite all the promise they showed, Jessica Jones season 3 is the final outing we’ll see from the franchise. Even though fans adored Daredevil and Jessica Jones, were intrigued by Punisher and Luke Cage’s stories, and had lukewarm responses to Iron Fist, Disney cancelled all of it. Assumedly, it’s because of their upcoming Disney streaming service, but the axing was still brutal.

Even though Daredevil technically started the Defenders series, Jessica Jones has always been right alongside him, an equal poster child for the heroes protecting New York City.

The seasons haven’t been kind to Jessica, though. She definitely gets stalked down by trouble and heartbreak, even if some of it is completely by her own design. Some of it, though, is just painful bad luck. Between surviving terrible trauma and abuse, alienating a man she could have loved, falling out with her beloved sister, or gaining and then losing her mother all over again, no wonder she’s got all sorts of messy feelings and moments in life that haunt her.

This final season, it seems someone is coming for Jessica all over again.

There isn’t quite enough evidence to figure out who’s coming after her, but there are a few prolific Jones enemies it could be. The two front-runners are Denny Haynes (or a version of him), and The Owl.


Denny Haynes is an easy target because he was the drug lord who ran the Super-Soldier serum rings in the comics. With ties to Will Simpson and her own mother, that makes his whole schtick an easy target for main villain role.

However, personally, I have a feeling it may be The Owl. Not only is he a well-known mastermind of information, but he also is known for razor sharp talons that work like Wolverine’s blades. This could account for all the things he knows and is claiming about Jones as well as the bloody cuts on the title card.

The thing that also heavily points to the Owl, though, is the fact they have already done some romantic pairing between Jessica and Luke Cage. With the Defenders franchise ending here and the fact they married in the comics, they might take this final chance. And the Owl would be the perfect one because the couple met and fell in love while fighting this hero in comics. And who better to reunite Luke and Jessica than the villain that brought them together the first time?

It obviously would be a unique version of himself, since the classic owl hair is gone and the color pallette is red, not green and blue, but the theory could still stand.

But let’s be honest, though, the gambit is still wide open. We won’t know who the villain is until more hints or information are confirmed.

With a new look and new troubles, Jessica Jones is coming back to Netflix in short time, premiering on June 14th. As this will likely be the last time fans will see Kristen Ritter perfectly portray the character, we’ll have to savor every moment of it.

I dunno about you guys, but I’m excited to see this anti-hero out there at least one last time before Disney shuts the door on all Netflix Marvel series forever.

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