Hollywood beefs start over the smallest things. To wit, you’ll recall that in 2007, Rob Zombie made a remake of Halloween, and in a documentary about the effort Zombie said that original Halloween director John Carpenter was “cold” to his efforts to honour the ballad of Michael Myers, disgruntled babysitter killer. Carpenter didn’t like that, and in a Q&A earlier this week the legendary filmmaker said he had nothing but support for Zombie as he remade his legacy (and some would say butcher it). But just as quickly as this flared up, the feud now seems to be over. Carpenter has called it, and he says he and Zombie have “buried the hatchet.” And not in each other.

Carpenter sent out this diplomatic communique over Twitter.

But let’s not move on for a minute because, and let’s be honest, Carpenter had some pretty valid points about the problems with Zombie’s movie. At the offending New York Film Academy Q&A, Carpenter said that Zombie’s movie put too much of an emphasis on Michael Myers’ back story, making the character “too big” when he should really be more of a “force of nature.” Famously, Myers was never named in the Halloween script in Carpenter’s version, he was only referred to as “The Shape.” Perhaps it goes without saying, but there are a lot of people out there who didn’t need to see Michael Myers sit on a the curb and pout about how he couldn’t go trick or treating because his sister was a ho, and deciding in that moment to kill his family.

In any event, Carpenter will surely sew any remaining resentment about Zombie’s Halloween by lending his consulting talents to the recently announced Blumhouse Productions film, which is rumored to be more of a sequel and less of a reboot. Malak Akkad, whose father funded the original Halloween and many of its sequels, is also onboard as a producer. No word yet on a release date for the project, but we’ll keep you posted.

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