It’s become a daily ritual for this Nerd Bastard. Wake up in the morning, grab a Diet Coke, crank up the computer and while it’s booting up, take a guess at what Hollywood celebrity will be linked to, looked at, or just blindly thrown into the Internet’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Casting Cauldron. This time around, it’s Johnny Depp, but what role has he been linked to?Latino Review is reporting – and everyone else on the Internet looking for something interesting to post this morning – that a “well-connected source” says Johnny Depp is taking meetings with Marvel about the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.

There’s still plenty of time until the movie starts filming since Doctor Strange will be part of Phase Three and won’t head to theaters until sometime in 2016.

Depp would be a great choice for Strange, he has that eclectic, quirky, yet lovable charm that jumps right out of the movie screen and captures an audience’s imagination. Just what a character like Doctor Strange will need to be believable.

Whether this latest rumor has legs is up for grabs. Latino Review has hit some right on the head, but then they’ve also crashed and burned on more than one occasion. Yeah, I’m talking about World War Hulk.

In the ever-changing, slithering world of Hollywood, you never really know until the ink has dried on the contracts. Marvel has been Hollywood Big Game hunting lately, and they’ve gotten some big names – Robert Redford, Michael Douglas – the idea of Marvel turning their sights on Johnny Depp is not a big jump.

Have you got any thoughts on this latest bit of Internet Gossip?

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