The Internet (gotta love the internet) has gone ape shit with rumors about Jon Hamm (Mad Men) portraying the Man of Steel in Zach Snyder‘s Superman Reboot , and now the actor himself has humorously taken on the rumors while appearing on the Conan talk show. Oh ya, CONAN IS BACK!

While Hamm down plays the rumor with jokes on how he’s too old, I must say that Superman has always been a mature character, so casting a guy who is 39 isn’t such a big deal.  I wish he would think the same. He’d make for such a perfect Alex Ross style Superman. Then again if they do three movies, Hamm will be 50 when they do the last one. Unless they’re doing Kingdom Come type story, I don’t think anyone wants to see a 50-year old Superman.

I guess this interview means people should give up on it ever happening. What do you think? Is there still hope that Hamm could be our next man of steel? Do you even think he’d make a great Superman? Who else would you like to see take on the iconic role? Where are the Tom Welling and Brandon Routh supporters? Discuss in the comment section below.

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