He’s currently in post production on The Avengers, he just wrapped up his secret little adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing and now inn an effort to seemingly be the hardest working film nerd on the planet, Joss Whedon is laying the ground work for his next project. Vulture recently talked to Mad Men actress Abigail Spencer and she spilled the beans that she’s involved, “His next movie, I start that next month. It’s my first time [doing a project with Whedon], but I’ve always wanted to work with him. I’m so excited to do it.” Of course there is next to nothing for details however she did say this “It’s the most romantic film in the history of time. It’s a supernatural romance.”

Whedon is no stranger to the supernatural, both Buffy and Angel were deep in that vein (vampire pun), so it will be interesting to see how this new unnamed project unfolds. When we know, we’ll be telling you.

Source: Vulture

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