The CW‘s dark spin on the Archies, Riverdale, was much better than it had a right to be, even according to crusty bitter old critics like the guy that covered Riverdale for Nerd Bastards. The first season left things on a helluva cliffhanger, a beloved member of the main cast who no one really should have had any beef with, was shot, and laid dying on the floor of Pops. As Jughead observed, the last shred of Riverdale’s innocence died that day, so where does the show that bares the town’s name go next? 

In the first footage from season two, Jughead proposes that Fred Andrews wasn’t a random victim, but a targeted attack. “It was like the angel of death had come to Riverdale,” Pops tells Jughead. At the accompanying Comic Con panel, the crowd was told that the season premiere almost entirely takes place in the hospital, as Archie and friends wait to hear Fred’s fate, and we’re meant to believe that this is a fate that’s far from certain, though it will be resolved by the end of the first hour whether Fred lives, or follows Jason Blossom to the cemetery. And as you’ll see below, Archie isn’t the only member of the Riverdale gang to have a parent in the hospital.

Check out the teaser for your below:

The second season of Riverdale launches this October on the CW.

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