SO….Again… With the Spiderman 4 rumors!!! The Rumor mill is cranking these puppies out faster than anyone can even post them! So here is news via Geektyrant

We know that casting is currently underway on the Spider-Man 4 production, Rachel McAdams just debunked the rumor that she was looking at being cast as Black Cat. Now a new name has been thrown into the Spider-Man 4 casting mix… Julia Stiles.

According to Ugo she has met with a casting agency up in New York to discuss a role in Sam Raimi’s next Spider-Man film. There is no specific information on what role she is looking to land, but I guess we can assume it will be for the role that everyone is talking about, Black Cat. Stiles is a decent enough actress to join in on the Spider-Man movie universe, but for Black Cat? I think she might work, remember the character is also the daughter of the new guy in charge at the Daily Bugle. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thats right. Julia styles can throw her giant hat into the ring with Kirsten Dunst, and Sarah Jessica Parker  in the hot body weird face competition!(Family Guy Quote) So I guess that Julia Stiles is as good as any damsel ought to be…But Black Cat? Does she have that sexy charisma?

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