Everyone knows by now that there’s a Jurassic Park 4 coming our way, though details of the actual production are scant.  One question that has to be on people’s minds at this point is what area of the world the dinosaurs will be destroying this time around.  When other franchise sequels get to number 4, things can sometimes get a little weird and putting the dinosaurs on the moon isn’t much of a stretch when it comes to Hollywood.  But nope, it looks like they’ll be sticking to the traditional and taking the story right back to where it all began.

The menacing green lizards will once again walk the jungles of Isla Nubar in Jurassic Park 4, as director Colin Trevorrow has announced formally.  Or as formally as a tweet can get, that is.  If you want to see one of their proposed scouting locations, check out the header picture above.

Whether they’ll be trying to turn Isla Nubar into yet another amusement park or not remains to be seen.  Most likely they’ll be there for some other reason (or at least we hope).  Rest assured, if we here at Nerd Bastards come across any further news about it, we’ll send it your way.  Until then, move along… nothing to see here.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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