Know what’s a phenomenal movie? Jurassic Park. Know what are some pretty lame movies? Jurassic Park 2 and 3. Regardless of those facts, director Steven Spielberg and writer Mark Protosevich have been holding brainstorming meetings about the possibility of a Jurassic Park 4.

Universal is claiming these meetings are “purely exploratory” and in no way mean we’ll be seeing another sequel. Dear Buddha, let’s hope. Have you watched Jurassic Park, recently? It’s holds up incredibly well! The dinosaurs still look damn good. They had the right idea when they combined CGI and animatronics, the blend of these two technologies stop Jurassic Park from looking terribly dated. Could you imagine if the T-Rex pushing the jeep around was created in full CGI? Or even worse, the scary as fuck Raptor scene in the kitchen!? ::shivers:: They would look awful now and not in the least bit scary or thrilling.

My verdict, just leave it alone. Please. Unless you promise something truly spectacualer. Then I reserve the option to completely change my mind and geek out hardcore.

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