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This Chris Pratt guy is having the time of his life these days. He’s the lead in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy, and popping up in all kinds of movies like Vince Vaughn’s The Delivery Man. Word is making it’s way around the Internet that now he is being considered for the lead role in Jurassic World that Josh Brolin‘s people couldn’t nail down.

Pratt’s career is in the middle of a huge upswing, due mainly to the fact that he is an incredible comedic actor. His Parks and Recreation work is off the charts funny.

While the nuts and bolts of the talks are really just getting started, there isn’t anything in Pratt’s upcoming projects that could get in the way besides his shooting schedule on Parks and Recreation. Guardians of the Galaxy has shown that his Parks and Recreation shooting schedule can be successfully worked around.

Would Pratt be a good fit for the role? He has the comedic chops to bring some deadpan humor to the movie and his role in Zero Dark Thirty showed he can bring his serious game to the table as well. If he can combine the two, which we should see in Guardians of the Galaxy, then I can’t wait to see him run the hell away from some killer raptors.

Jurassic World is set for a release date of June 12th, 2015.

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