Screen writer and director Colin Trevorrow (Safety not Guaranteed) recently went on the Jurassic Park Podcast to discuss what we can expect from his work on the upcoming Jurassic Park 4 movie. Yeah, I know, “officially” the movie is not got a “4” on it, but as you’ll hear in the podcast video, Trevorrow can’t even bring himself to not say it just about every time he mentions the movie title.

Don’t worry about spoilers, he’s very careful to not spoil anything he has planned. Take a listen and then you can check out some of the high points listed below to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Here are some of the high points of the podcast thanks to Bleedingcool’s Brendon Connelly:

  • Trevorrow refused to answer “Would you like to get John Williams back making the music?” instead opting to say only “Do I love John Williams and all of his music? Of course.”
  • Trevorrow says “It’s important to make a movie for the fans but I also have to remember that there’s a lot of people who just couldn’t care less and need me to make a solid case for why the hell there’s a Jurassic Park 4 in the first place and I want to make a movie for them too.”
  • “This is not a paycheck gig for me and it’s not the movie that I’m making so I can make the movies that I really want to make. I actually want to make a kick-ass Jurassic Park movie.”
  • “When I get to sit down with guys like John Rosengrant and adjust the talon length on a dinosaur and then we’re looking at variations on skin colour, that never feels like work. That’s when I feel like a kid.”
  • “What is my favourite dinosaur? We have a new one that’s pretty cool. I’m not going to tell you anything about it, but… it’s pretty bad ass. I think Jack Horner said something about that too” – and indeed he did, as previously discussed here at the site.
  • “I feel like, obviously, everyone’s favourite is the T-Rex and there’s just something so iconic about that animal.”
  • Trevorrow suggested that fans don’t go looking for spoilers. He wants to cherish this time when no-one knows “what the hell we’re doing.”
  • One apparently key rumour-busting quote goes like this:“I saw some of the rumours on the internet and I would have all kinds of red flags going off if I heard they were going to muzzle a T-Rex. So I would say don’t believe everything you read, there are way more insiders on the internet than there are in real life.”

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