Just WHO is the Big Bad on ‘Arrow’?


Tonight’s episode of Arrowairing at 8pm on the CW – is titled “Heir to the Demon“, an obvious reference to Ra’s al Ghul and his League of Assassins (in particular his daughter, Nyssa al Ghul). During its second season, Arrow has been absolutely littered with these sorts of nods to DC Comic villains and lore, hinting at a larger and more dangerous universe. But who is Arrow‘s big bad? Oliver’s “ultimate foe?” [SPOILERS]

It’s surprisingly not dead Malcolm Merlyn, as played by John Barrowman.


Greg Berlanti, executive producer, revealed to Digital Spy,

He’s the Dark Archer so he’s an integral part of the show. He is the ultimate foe, but you want to use it in a way that it doesn’t diminish who The Arrow is, you know?

It was a surprise twist at the end of “State vs. Queen” that revealed Malcolm was in fact alive, and also – get ready for another bombshell – Thea’s real father!

Obviously, we know that he’s Thea’s dad and there’ll be other steps taken there. So we’ll definitely be taking that story further this year.

I have the highest  hopes for the eventual confrontation between Malcolm and his daughter. Mostly because I expect Barrowman and Willa Holland to overact the shit out it and bring Arrow to an all new level of soap opera. It’ll be terrible, but excellently so.

Making Malcolm the ying to Oliver’s yang, or whatever, is a logical move for the series. (Especially seeing as he’s not dead.) They have a history, a similar set of skills, and a shared grief over the death of Tommy. Plus, this only means more John Barrowman and there’s nothing wrong with that!

How long until Oliver learns the Dark Archer isn’t dead? And when Berlanti says “taking that story further this year”, doe he mean Thea will learn of her true parentage this season? So soon? Let us know what you think in comments!

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on the CW. Catch up with our recap/reviews!

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