Months ago the much await arrival of Amazon’s azure arachnid avenger came in the form of an amazingly well received pilot (which is still available, FYI.) And while we have to wait a little longer for this third small screen iteration of The Tick (following the 1994 cartoon and the far too short Patrick Warburton FOX live-action series from 2001) some good news dropped earlier today on the production’s official twitter. They’ve started principal photography and star Peter Serafinowicz is rockin a vastly improved suit. Check it out:

Looks like they’ve dropped the weirdly organic look from the pilot and moved to the more armored look of the modern superhero movies and TV shows that this version of Ben Edlund‘s big blue bug so wonderfully satirizes while giving a nice little nod to the suit from the aforementioned Warburton series.


So far it sounds like this parody of the current glut of gritty reboot grounded in reality reboot of The Tick is on track to hit Amazon Prime later this year. Till then, here is a slightly larger version of a sapphire suited Serafinowicz to… see? Damn it,  I had some sweet alteration going on there again and it crumbled at the end… Oh well,



via TheTickTV on Twitter

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