Yesterday, we posted a story about how the guys in charge at Marvel Studios do sometimes check out social media and other online postings where fans post their passionate and thought out casting suggestions for their movies, the reference in this case was specifically Captain Marvel. In the case of the super-strong, superheroine, no one’s pushed harder for the part, it seems, than Rhonda Rousey, the MMA fighter-turned-aspiring actress who recently said in a Reddit AMA that she would love to play Captain Marvel. It’s not an official casting notice, but the head of Marvel Studios says that if nothing else, he admires Rousey’s moxie.

While talking to IGN on the occasion of the Blu-ray release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Kevin Feige explained that while he hasn’t vetted Rousey (or anyone) for the role yet, he’s seen it, and, more importantly, he enjoys it. “I love it,” Feige said. “[Actors campaigning like that] happens occasionally, and I think that’s a testament to the strength of the characters.”

“You look at the ways we’ve cast our films in the past and it’s always about who’s the best person to inhabit the character, whether that is an actor like Chris Hemsworth who bulks up, or a wrestler like Dave Bautista who played Drax who ends up being an amazing performer, an amazing actor and a clever and witty and pointed comedic actor,” Feige continued. “For us, it’s sitting down with people and starting to meet people and as the script takes shape and as we start to build who the character should be and finding the right person to match it up. We haven’t necessarily started sitting down with people yet and meeting on that part.”

There’s still time of course. Just a reminder that Captain Marvel is not scheduled for release until November 2, 2018. Of course, knowing Marvel, she will likely make an appearance some point before that.

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