Every time a new Marvel Studios movie comes out, it’s an occasion for Kevin Feige to be asked about all the films he’s currently overseeing and all the films he’s currently not overseeing. This is a story about the latter. And when you trace back the present comic book movie boom, it goes all the way back almost 20 years ago to a little movie called Blade. Based on the Marvel Comics vampire hunter, and played by Wesley SnipesBlade became an example of how to do comic book movies right, so he’s do for a comeback, right? What about it, Feige? 

“We think it would be cool. Someday,” Feige said in an interview with Joblo. “My tenure at Marvel started 17 years ago, and there were two things that sort of launched the modern era. One was X-Men, which was the first thing that people said, ‘Oh, there’s life here.’ But a few years before that, there was Blade. A character nobody had heard of at all, had only appeared in a few issues of Tomb of Dracula or something, turned into a big franchise.

“That was always a great lesson for me, where you go, ‘It doesn’t matter how well known the character is, it matters how cool the movie is.’ Which, many years later, would be the reason we do Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange,” Feige continued. “I think Blade is a legacy character now, and I think it would be fun to do something with him one day.”

So Blade is a legacy character, huh? There have been a number of directions discussed in the media including a TV series in the vain of the Defenders line-up on Netflix, or a new R-rated big screen version like the three previous Blade movies, but the more likely reason for the hold-up on more Blade is that Marvel and Feige don’t know for sure what they want to do with him. If Blade is a “legacy character” than a big-budget, big screen movie seems to be the venue for him, and while Feige hasn’t ruled out R-rated movies from Marvel, it doesn’t seem like there’s much immediate appetite to go in that direction either. Still, it does seem odd, doesn’t it? It’s been 12 years since the last Blade movie and in that time we’ve had three different Spider-Men in five movies, so come on… Bring on Blade, Feige!!!

The next Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, will be in theatres everywhere on July 7.

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