Now that we know that the still untitled Batman vs/and Superman Finest Justice League in the World (featuring Wonder Woman) sequel to Man of Steel has been bumped back nine months, it is a safe bet that we’re no closer – and probably farther away from – hearing any “official” details on the project beyond the endless stream of rumors and speculation. Luckily, we have something that (while technically both rumor and speculation) comes from our new Batman’s wife and man-friend. Yes, Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith gave a little bit of info on what Batman Ben Affleck will look like in the new bat-suit. 

You may recall a few months back movie maker and former Southwest Airlines spokesman, Kevin Smith revealed that he got a sneak peek at the Batfleck tights and had nothing but praise and fanbeing glee over what he saw. On his latest Fat Man on Batman podcast he expanded on what the film’s director showed him,

“I talked about it on Hollywood Babble-On, but I have seen the suit. I did this Man Of Steel Yahoo fan event when the DVD came out. I was hosting Zack Snyder was there, Amy Adams and we had Henry Cavill from satellite over in the UK. … At one point Zack (Snyder) talked a little bit about the future and Batman vs Superman, but when the show was all done, Zack was all like ‘Kev come here, come here’, and he takes me over to the corner and whips out his phone, and he shows me a picture of Batman.

Live. A live action version of Batman.

A very familiar Batman, I might add.

It didn’t look like any of the cinematic Batmans that have ever gone before. He shows me that picture and behind Batman …Superman in the suit looming in the distance. Both on a rooftop kind of thing. A set, obviously on a set.  A little set they put together for this photo shoot.

So I was like ‘Oh my god! Is that the suit?!? The suit looks amazing! What? Did you get people to model it?’ And he goes, ‘That’s your boy.’ And I look closely and it’s Ben Affleck wearing the suit.

I was like ‘OH MY GAWED…'[sic]

The suit… it’s not mine to spill in terms of what it looks like, you’ll see it. They’ll tell you when they want you to know, but any Batman fan is going to be Fucking pleased. I’m going to tell you that right now. … They gave you the suit you all wanted to see.

It was phenomenal man, and made me happy as hell.”

So… I think he likes it. You may also recall that Smith mentioned the new bat-suit was heavily inspired by a certain artist, the name of which he redacted prior to publishing the podcast online. We’ve heard the name Jim Lee and Alex Ross both tossed around as the name that must not be heard.

You may also recall in the title of this article that Mrs. Affleck/Elektra/Jennifer Garner was also mentioned as someone who has seen the suit (apparently when you are married to a superhero it has its perks.) ET caught up with her on the red carpet at the SAG Awards where she revealed she’d see it and in her words,  “The suit is unbelievably cool. It’s a total reinvention. It looks great.”  You can watch the interview over on YouTube, don’t worry the sound bite is in the first 30 seconds and you can stop it long before you have to see Jared Leto.

Now, I am a little confused. Garner says it is a “total reinvention'”and Smith makes it sound like suit will be a comforting familiar friend to the comic book fan. Who do we believe? I mean, sure Smith is a huge Bat-fan, but Garner was Elektra in Daredevil… Since sarcasm sucks on the internet I’m stopping myself right there and eagerly waiting for a time when people who have not shared a house with Affleck get to see the suit. Which my guess will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Till then… Anyone have Matt Damon’s email? I bet he’d fold pretty quick if we interoga… asked him about what the suit looks like.

I really just want someone to say that it is black and gray.

It IS black and gray, right?

Please let it be black and gray.

Via Fat Man on Batman and JoBlo

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