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Most people that are into certain fictional characters will buy a tee shirt to represent it, or even buy a limited edition prop replica from a film they enjoy. Kevin Smith, on the other hand, named his kid after one of his favorite characters.

That’s right, we’re talking about his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Kevin has been into the Batman franchise for as long as we can all remember, so it’s no wonder that he would put that much thought into things. When his daughter was born, he and his wife decided that Harley Quinn would be her name and she has fully embraced her namesake.

The character of Harley Quinn has been exposed in many different forms since her debut. She started as Paul Dini’s creation from Batman: The Animated Series, as Joker‘s henchman and love interest. Her story has progressed drastically since and she appears not only in animation, but now video games, comics, and now even live action! She is making her big screen debut, played by Margot Robbie in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad. Smith and his daughter attended the screening of the film just last night and they are both extremely excited to see Harley truly come to life!  had a brief conversation with Kevin Smith at the premiere.

“I mean, [it’s] weirder for her, I think, than me,” Smith told “I named my kid after Harley Quinn, so all of this, the moment they announced this movie she went ‘AH!’ For me, it was inevitable. That character is so good, she couldn’t stay in the cartoon, she wound up in the comics books. She couldn’t stay in the comics, she wound up in the games. She couldn’t stay in the games, now she’s gonna be here.”

He went on to give a little taste of what it’s like to have a daughter named Harley, too.

“For years, I had a kid that people would go ‘what’s your kid’s name?’ and I’d go ‘Harley,’ and they’d be like, ‘you ride?’ No, not exactly. Now, I’m like, my kid’s name is Harley, and they’re like ‘you like the squad?’ Yes, yes, welcome to our world,” Smith said as his face lit up into a smile. Smith is among many, many fans who have been itching to see the Suicide Squad film. “Suicide Squad, man! Harley Quinn is here! Joker is back! These are good times!”

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016. Don’t miss it!

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