What has every one’s lovable fat guy, writer, director and all around pervy bastard been doing since the release of “Cop Out” (besides constantly tweeting about his wife’s perfect asshole. Which I never get tired of hearing about)? Well, the little dicked (or so he claims) bearded wonder of the world has been quite the busy bee.  He’s working on a television special (yay), building a theatre in Los Angeles (awesome), and will finally begin shooting his long awaited film Red State (fuck and Yea!).

So, what this about a TV special, you ask? Well, besides his movies (which we all know and love, except for maybe Jersey Girl) the dude is also known for his hilarious question and answer specials. He frequently travels the country and tells fans (and anyone that will listen) funny behind the scenes stories and tales of his movies and life. The good, the bad, and the naughty (significant rants on his wife’s butthole. Giggity). Each story is compelling and hysterical as the last. His three “An Evening With Kevin Smith” DVD releases are a testament to that. Anyway, it appears the nerd icon has a lot more to say (about his wifes poop shoot I hope), because he’s planning to give us another special. But, this time for television. Smith tells E! Online

I’ve been very blessed, and I’ve been celebrated by a bunch of people many times over the years. So much so that the idea of throwing myself a birthday party just to be like, “I’m 40, motherf–kers!” just feels, for me, kind of gauche. Instead we are going to tape a TV show. I’ve done three DVDs of An Evening with Kevin Smith and the next one we’re doing for TV

It has not been mentioned if this special will be planned for basic (ABC, NBC, FOX..etc) or premium cable (HBO, Showtime, Starz…etc.) With Kevin Smith’s potty mouth there is no way he can be restrained for basic programming. It be like sending a comedian to an abortion clinic and asking him not to tell any dead baby jokes. It can’t be done. I’m sure he’ll get a an un-restricted special on HBO or  perhaps one of them after hour Comedian Central ones. In the same interview Smith claims that his horror film Red State will finally begin shooting in August:

Red State is what we’re shooting in August. It’s a political horror movie, essentially. We’re still casting right now, but I don’t want to cast anybody that anybody knows because that takes you right out of the flick. The idea is what’s going to sell the movie.

In case you haven’t been following the happenings of Mr. Smith, he does a weekly podcast referered to as “The SMODCAST“. Released each Sunday night, the episodes feature Smith and Scott Mosier (producer of all his flicks) discussing current events and other non-sequiter topics. Finding success in some recent and not so recent live tapings of the show Kevin intends to leases, on yearly basis a theatre to host these live tapings.The 60-seat venue is being called the SmodCastle. It will be located at 6268 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. Other planned events will include live commentary screenings, pre-screenings of upcoming flicks, and hockey shootouts.


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