The reality of a Mallrats sequel has has hit another earmark. After having confirmed that practically the entire cast from the first film is returning (no Affleck as of yet), Kevin Smith has just announced the sequels title. 

When Brodie, TS, Gwen and maybe even Sheldon Hamilton return to the big screen, there won’t be a “2” at the end of their title. Kevin Smith revealed on Twitter that the title to Mallrats 2, the sequel to his 1995 cult comedy, is MallBrats

Here’s Smith’s Tweet:

If you’re wonder who “Jim” is, Smith is referring to Jim Jacks, a producer of the first film who desperately wanted to see a sequel.  Jacks passed away a little over a year ago, which helped motivate Smith to finally make the film his friend — whom he’d lost contact with — wanted to see.

When you think of the films titular characters, you could categorize them as a “Brat Pack”. So it’s easy to see Smith label the sequel inspired from his pack of Brats. Though, Brats does tend to lend itself to a younger crowd.

Originally tagged as “Mallrats 2: Die Hard in a Mall”, it’s a wonder a if Smith’s former script ideas have transferred to his current treatment. Perhaps this new foray will still just be ratty kids hanging out at the mall, and not the inspired Die Hard angle Smith originally proposed.

18 returning characters from the original movie in his script along with six new characters. It seems entirely possible those six characters could be the “Brats.” – maybe an old vs young happening there.

Smith is planning on shooting MallBrats later this year with a probable 2016 release.

What do you think of the Mallrats 2 title, MallBrats?

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