Every once in a while a young creator steps forward and brings the world something unique. Something fresh. Ryan Hääck has shared with the world his Unspeakable Text. A comic book horror anthology that exposes an evil book, a collection of tales throughout history that supernatural forces tried to force the world to forget. Ryan, along with ten fabulously talented artists are seeking to make these stories into a collection under one cover. Join Ryan Hääck and the artists behind these spine-tingling tales, help them see their horrors to reality and get some awesome reward goals for yourself to boot.

The Unspeakable Text is a horror/suspense comic anthology based in many different time periods and settings. Each story in the series follows an “unspeakable” event that’s been intentionally hidden from the world by supernatural forces.

These short tales have twists and turns, legends of old, mythical beasts, and scares beyond your imagination. This is an extremely unique comic book anthology because each story has been written by the same person and drawn by ten unbelievably talented artists from all over the globe.”

Ryan Hääck is the sole writer of the anthology, giving it a cohesive vision and storytelling voice. But each story features a different artist to bring this story to life.

Here’s the list of the ten collaborators and their Instagram or ArtStation pages:

Farid Karami (@faridkarami_art)
Sebastian Komorowski (@seb_komorowski)
Mark Baranowski (@baranowskimark)
Edgar Martinez (@elcapitanedgar13)
Kristina Stroh (https://kaydee.artstation.com/)
Othell Flowers (@othell1)
Deniz Gulmez (@deniz.gulmez.art)
Mark Diokno (@mr.markus007.m.g.d)
Diego Vidal (@diegoorugavidal)
Andrew Anthony (@axemanandrew)

Sendra Uebele (@sendra.uebele) signs on at the comic’s letterer as well.

“This volume will be 64-pages, black and white with a 6.7″x 10.2″ size. Because it will be a prestige format issue, it will have a 0.086″ spine with Perfect (PUR) binding. It will also have a 110lbs satin cover and text as well as a matte laminate finishing. I feel that this is the best choice for Unspeakable Text Volume One which is almost triple the size of an average 22-paged issue. ”

Just donating a single dollar can go a long way towards seeing a book funded, and Unspeakable Text will make sure you get a proper thanks inside the book once it’s completed.

The $10 tier will get you a digital copy of the book and access to behind the scenes creator interviews.

$20 will get you everything from the two previous tiers as well as your own physical copy of Unspeakable Texts.

$25 sees that you get everything from the previous tiers as well as an exclusive print of a character from the series, as well as Unspeakable Text bookmarks. $5 for extra goodies like that make the top tier well worth it!

Shipping will be added, $5 for the US, $10 for the UK or Canada, and $15 for anywhere else in the world.


NerdBastards shot some questions at Ryan to talk about Unspeakable Text and his success with Instragram.


NB: Ryan Hääck, tells us a little bit about you and how Unspeakable Text came to be? You’ve written before, right? 

RH: I love writing comics and trying to tell the best stories I can. UT came about because I wanted to collaborate with people on smaller stories.
I’ve written other stories published in Oneshi Press, HyperEpics, and Sliced and Quarterly.

NB: Why put out early versions of Unspeakable Text through Instagram instead of, say, Twitter or Facebook?

RH: I wanted to use Instagram because it is a visually based platform. I tried my hand at Webtoon and Tapas, but I thought I would try to grab an audience that had never read a comic before. That was the initial idea.

NB: What kinds of success have you seen through that particular platform that you might not have gotten from the others?

RH: I found that Instagram is a fun platform to experiment with. It is sort of like comics in the way you can make your page into a unique collage.


With more than 20 days left on the Kickstarter, now is the time to get in on the ground floor of what could be one of the best horror anthologies to come out of Kickstarter! Be sure to check out Unspeakable Text’s Instagram to get a taste of what the full book will bring!

Are you pledging? What rewards do you like to see from Kickstarters? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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