No, there are not two Larry the Cable Guys and the headline refers to the one you’re thinking about. For some strange reason that defies explanation, someone is working on a sequel to Jingle All the Way. You may recall the original film, it was released in 1996 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad as dads competing to get their hands on a very popular action figure called Turbo Man. So is Turbo Man making a comeback after 18 years? In toys, as with everything, what goes around comes around.

According to Variety, Larry will fill the shoes of Schwarzenegger in the sequel, and Santino Marella of the WWE will tap in for Sinbad. Alex Zamm (Tooth Fairy 2) will direct and the film starts shooting in March for a Christmas 2014 release date. Are you excited? I didn’t think so. The original Jingle came out at the low-ebb of Arnold’s pre-political Hollywood career, sandwiched between Eraser and Batman & Robin. As for Larry the Cable Guy, unless you’re a big fan of Redneck-themed comedy you’ll probably know him best from being the voice of Mater in the Cars movies.

With this one, we probably won’t be bringing you more news as it develops.

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