All right folks, it’s time to get serious.  We’re only 7 weeks away from the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and while JJ Abrams and his team remained groin-grabbingly tight-lipped on plot details, that hasn’t stopped fans of all kinds from making their guesses as to what might happen in Episode VII.  Most fans, though, don’t have their own late-night talk show on which to spout their rhetoric; fortunately for us, Stephen Colbert does.

The host of The Late Show took to his stage this week ready to chat all about the upcoming film; long-time fans of Colbert’s know that he’s never shied away from putting his nerd-love right out there on camera for everyone to see.  Even though Abrams recently let us know that there won’t be any more trailers coming for the film before it opens, Colbert thinks he has enough info to make an informed stab at what the plotline might be.

Hopefully Colbert will keep the geek-fest flowing in the weeks leading up to the new film’s release, which he says is “every American’s civic duty to take part in.”  We haven’t seen many interviews or interactions with the stars of the film, especially franchise newcomers John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver – perhaps Colbert could do some week-of-release mega-interviews similar to what Jimmy Kimmel did with the cast of The Avengers on his show?  Only time will tell on that, but for now, enjoy Stephen’s rhetoric in the video below!

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