Another day, another superhero movie scoop from Latino Review‘s El Mayimbe. This time the rumor mongering powerhouse has what they’re claiming are details about Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman. Will he be a macho mogul? Mayor of Metropolis? BALD?

The casting of Eisenberg as Luthor was one hell of shocker, surpassing even Batfleck in its initial unbelievability. Suffice it to say, Eisenberg wasn’t on anyone lists–except the one that mattered. Now that The Social Network star is playing Superman’s arch nemesis, fans are wondering what kind of Lex Luthor will Eisenberg be? There have been plenty of Lex Luthors in media already – Gene Hackman, Clancy Brown, Michael Rosenbaum, Kevin Spacey – and each brought their own flair but kept things similar to the genius, millionaire, power hungry maniac fans and non-fans alike are familiar with.

Eiesenberg’s Luthor with indeed be rich, smart and maniacal, but he’ll also be unlike any Luthor we’ve seen before. Here’s what El Mayimbe’s informants have dug up,

For starters, let’s get this out of the way immediately: Lex Luthor is BALD. His head is shaven to be exact. But that is not all. He has another physical trait. You see, Lex Luthor is also into body art and has a detailed sleeve tattoo of the Metropolis skyline on his right arm. Lex is also the richest man on the planet who became a self made billionaire at 18. Lex is currently the CEO of Lexcorp who is one part tech genius, one part ruthless business man and two parts Metropolis street tough. Yes, street tough.

At 14 Lex was living on the streets and for survival was initiated into a street gang. He learned early on that there was someone always bigger and stronger but never smarter. By 15 that street gang was answering to him. According to Lex, strength isn’t everything. RESOLVE is.

The former street thug turned mogul is an interesting angle, and one I don’t believe we’ve seen before. I’m a little less unsure about the Metropolis skyline ink, but as screenwriter Chris Terrio is currently working on revisions to David Goyer’s Batman vs. Superman script, any one of these details could change. But hey! He’s bald! Guess Eisenberg is a shade braver than James McAvoy.

For more on how Bruce Wayne and Luthor will – supposedly – be acquainted and their differing opinions on what should be done about Superman, check out LR’s full report. However, keep in mind these are completely unsubstantiated rumors and may change before Batman vs Superman begins filming this summer.

But let’s pretend they’re for realsies? What do you think? Do you like a Luthor who comes from the school of hard knocks?

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