As mid-May looms ever-closer, the Godzilla marketing team is ramping up their efforts to get people interested. We’ve seen a great many adverts and other marketing materials, but so far there’s been very little to look at with regards to what the massive lizard looks like. Now, the powers-that-be have dropped three more TV spots on us. And guess what? Now we actually get a look at Godzilla’s face! Check them out below.

Here’s one that’s titled ‘Courage’. Watch an army guy give a rousing speech to a bunch of people that will almost certainly die horribly.

The following spots are the same length, and feature roughly the same content–we do get a good look at assumedly principal characters played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson of the Kick-Ass films, and Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle fame:

Taylor-Johnson seems to have graduated from superhero Kick-Ass to military bad ass–I’m not sure how I feel about him as the serious, macho action hero–instead of the goofy, endearing geek we’ve come to expect.

Meanwhile, Cranston appears to have been given the role of the inevitable “expert” that no one believes until it’s too late (see nearly every character Jeff Goldblum has ever played).

I have my own name for this archetype: “Professor I-Told-You-So”.

Anyhoo, Cranston looks well suited to this role–if one can judge from a few seconds of spazzing out.

Legendary and Warner’s new take on the King of Monsters is directed by Gareth Edwards, and also features Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, and David Strathairn.


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