It’s difficult to make a bad adaptation when you’re working from source material as rich and absorbing as anything written by Alan Moore, but the complexity of his writing isn’t easy to condense into the relatively small space of a feature length film. For this reason, many fans of Moore’s work – and Moore himself – tend to be critical of film adaptions of his comic books and graphic novels. Zack Snyder‘s 2009 cinematic adapation of Watchmen got exactly this response. Though it was praised for its dark take on the superhero genre and was largely a faithful adaptation of the source material, some felt that a lot of the deeper themes were lost on those who weren’t already familiar with the story.

But rumours have surfaced that Warner Bros may be considering another giving it another go, this time with an animated feature length adaptation.

The news was first broken by, showing a screenshot of a question from an online marketing survey attempting to gauge the level of audience interest in “an upcoming, made-for-video movie, Watchmen“.

While this isn’t an official announcement, the description of the movie as “upcoming” has got a lot of fans excited about the prospect as not only will it mean a fresh retelling of an iconic story, but could also herald the launch of a new series of R-rated animated projects.

The survey went on to ask questions about other popular titles that are typically targeted at a more mature audience than most current superhero releases. These include other stories by Alan Moore, such as The Killing Joke and Swamp Thing, titles that have already been adapated into other formats and proven popular, like Lucifer and iZombie, and even projects that are already underway, like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

For now, most of what we glean from this is purely speculative as all we have to go on are some questions probing potential fan interest, which could well have mixed results. But if Warner Bros feel like fans are giving them the go ahead from this survey, there could be some very exciting new releases on the horizon.

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