Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up its first season with what seemed like a resolution to its raison d’être; Vandal Savage was defeated, and the Time Lords were deposed. So that’s a wrap for the Legends, right? With all their enemies dead there was no more reason for them to time travel together. Hold on there because the show was renewed for a second season, which means we need a reason for the Legends to get the band back together, and executive producer Marc Guggenheim outlined some reasons in a recent interview. 

“The show has so many challenges, and certainly one of them has been that the show can be anything, so what’s it gonna be?” Guggenheim asked rhetorically to Collider. “That’s one of the reasons why we approach the season by figuring out, what is the team’s mission statement? What is the raison d’être of the show? Once you have that structure, that does help narrow your focus.”

And the nature of that focus: being time cops. Yup, with the Time Masters gone, Capt. Rip Hunter recruits his pals, the Legends of Tomorrow, to become the new guardians of the timeline. “We planted the seeds for this, at the end of last season,” Guggenheim explained. “The Legends appointed themselves because we knew we wanted them to basically be acting as time cops. That’s fundamentally what they’re doing, and that structure, while loose, helps focus us.”

Part of that “loose” […] “focus” is the how the new villain and the new mystery will be revealed. Unlike season one, where the goal and big bad were obvious and intertwined, Guggenheim said that things won’t be as immediately clear. “There is a season-long mythology and a season-long big bad that we’re building up to, but unlike Season 1 of Legends, it’s not where you’re starting,” he said. “It’s something that slowly unfolds, and there’s an element of mystery to it. In that sense, it’s a lot more like Arrow and The Flash are.”

Another development in Legends season 2 is the introduction of two more teams, the heroic Justice Society of America and the villainous Legion of Doom, but Guggenheim assures that things are not going to get too complicated. “The way we’ve been handling it is that you’re not going to see all three teams in one episode. We’re not going to cram everyone together. We would have a lot of people. We want it to not feel like an overwhelming amount of story,” he said.

Legends of Tomorrow returns Thursdays starting October 13 on the CW.

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