Star Wars has always been a bit of a divisive franchise. With so many fans devoted to the original trilogy, additions to the narrative leave them a bit prickly. Most new Star Wars stories get a fair amount of hate. However, one franchise was different. One franchise was almost universally accepted by lovers of the Star Wars universe.

That franchise was the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Fascinatingly, Attack of the Clones was one of the most despised of the prequel films. Between Padme and Anakin’s awkward, forced romance, odd scenes, and tremendously bad dialogue, what was supposed to be an epic second film ended up being a big mess. After all, how can you cover the meaningful changes in the tides of war in a single film?

In 2008, Disney and Lucasfilm decided to rectify that. In October of that year, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, an animated series about the events of the brutal war, premiered. The show ran for six well-received seasons. Then, the series ended in March of 2014. A new series, Star Wars: Rebels, aired October of the same year. Its set five years before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope. Fans have received it well, but it’s hardly reached the heights of Clone Wars appreciation.

During the San Diego Comic Con, however, Disney had a big reveal for everyone: a seventh season of Clone Wars to be released on their show streaming service. This reveal came with a trailer, showing where our favorite characters will be going next. The person most on everybody’s mind, though, wasn’t the classic characters of Anakin, Obi-Wan, or Yoda. Instead, everyone was wondering: What about Ahsoka Tano?

One of the most successful aspects of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was creating the most beloved new characters in the galaxy. The series begins with Ahsoka becoming Anakin’s padawan, a vital part in him becoming a Jedi Knight.  Ahsoka is energized, heroic, headstrong, and reckless. She’s the perfect padawan to humble Skywalker in his own flaws and weaknesses. She also challenges him like few do. Fans quickly connected to her strong will and fiery spirit and she’s been a fan favorite ever since. Her growth, in tandem to Anakin’s fall, became a fantastic dynamic that made the animated Clone Wars series more adored than any of the prequels they draw from.

When fans left The Clone Wars in season 6, the entire season was dedicated to missions that gave clues to the Sith conspiracy happening in the background of the Republic campaign. Unfortunately, No one succeeds in revealing the conspiracy, at least in a way that could ever save the New Order. Even more painfully, the season ends with Yoda feeling confident that the Jedi will find a way to overcome the darkness, even if not in during the clone wars. Clearly, someone hasn’t seen The Last Jedi.

But Ahsoka departs at the end of season five. She was wrongfully accused of murder, and she struggles with the Jedi Order’s unwillingness to protect her, and the way they bend to the council’s will. Ahsoka‘s trial reveals deep flaws in the Jedi Order, ones she struggles to reconcile with. Though she’s cleared of charges, Ahsoka decides to officially leave the Jedi Order and find her own way. The next time fans see her, she’s an adult running an underground rebellion in Star Wars: Rebels. But what happened in between?

The season seven trailer teases the thick of the war and the clones becoming more like the stormtroopers of the Empire. A line-up of clone helmets begin with very distinct, named fighters that fans know. However, the voices become more similar and monotone and the helmets become homogeneous.Even more terrifying, the uniforms, starships, and military aspects of the Republic are beginning to look eerily like the armies of Emperor Palpatine. Anakin and Obi-Wan overlook the military facility with intense, troubled eyes. However, they’re urgently called inside. On the holoscreen, there’s none other than Ahsoka Tahno, with some very important information. She’s older, cooler, and seems to have a certainty in her eyes. A certainty that Anakin lacks.

And that’s where we leave off, waiting for season seven to change the Star Wars world irrevocably. There’s no doubt this season will lead the jedi closer to Empirical takeover and Order 66, after all.

It hardly would be a surprise if this season ended with Anakin tipping to the darkside and it being that painful, destructive corruption. And Ahsoka can be back to watch all of it happen. If they only plan on this one more season, this is the likeliest outcome of the season. If it isn’t, though, if they plan on prolonging the inevitable end of the Republic, there could be a better, longer expression of why Anakin becomes what he becomes. The third prequel was one of the best ones, but getting to see that slow change in Anakin could be even more effective and haunting if done over a whole season or two.

How will this connect to Rebels, though? Well, especially if Ahsoka sees some of her master’s downfall, it would help give her that push to become a rebellion leader instead of a fighter just trying to live her life. Change her from protecting say, a small village she lives in to trying to dismantle the entire empire. Regardless of her feelings on the Jedi order, she does still care about doing the right thing and she does care about Anakin being the one to destroy the galaxy. 

But fans won’t know until the show premieres, how it’ll take its characters down the paths that make them who they are. All they can do is speculate, hope, and get excited to see Anakin and Ahsoka on the same side one last time before the universe falls apart around them.


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