Holy Life-Size Batman! To launch their Life-Size Masterpiece Series, Hot Toys have given us their first look at the Armoured Batman from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And what a sight to behold! Standing at 7.2 feet tall, this behemoth is a movie accurate sculpture of Ben Affleck‘s Batman including a fabric cape, Affleck’s likeness and light-up eyes.


Big, isn’t he? No release date information is available yet and, crucially, neither is the price. But you know what they say; if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it. Still, it may be worth putting that second, pesky unwanted kidney – or child – up on Ebay just in case.


You can always console yourself by realising what a wonderful time it is anyway that we live in where things like this exist. Hot Toys attention to detail and sheer lifelikeness has always been it’s real selling point and here they’ve outdone themselves. Also, by having Bats in his eye-encompassing armour, the ‘dead eye’ problem that afflicts all mannequins, however lifelike, is solved.


By God he looks mean. You almost feel sorry for Superman looking at him stood there. Now, all Hot Toys need to do is release the life-size Batmobile and we’re in business.

To the Batcave!

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