Attack on what now?” Yes, Attack on Titan, and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with Saturn’s largest moon. The international hit manga and anime series from Hajime Isayama is being adapted as a live-action film that is expected to release in 2015, and we’ve just learned who the film has cast in its lead role.

For those still scratching their heads, wondering what eff Attack on Titan is all about, here’s a short primer:  It’s set in a future where humans have barricaded themselves behind walls hundreds of feet tall. Within the settlement comprised of three giant walls – Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina – society has regressed both politically and technologically. Only one thing has now united humanity: survival. From what, you ask? Giant humanoid creatures known only as Titans whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill humans. They are terrifying.

attack on titan titans eating people

They don’t need to eat to survive and they have no other prey than humans. They can regenerate and are almost impossible to kill. A Titan’s only week spot is a small area at the base of the neck. To fight the Titans, a military comprised of three separate divisions has been created. The Military Police protect the king and the interior, the Garrison protects and repairs the walls, and the Survey Corps travel beyond the walls in an effort to reclaim the land lost to the Titans. Using their Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, humans trained for the military are able to acrobatically navigate around the Titans and attack that one, tiny weak spot. Needless to say, their task is unimaginably difficult and often grueling and heartbreaking.

So that’s Attack on Titan in a nutshell, humans running terrified from giants who want to eat them while a group of young, idealistic soldiers battle terribles odds to save all of humanity. Intrigued? You sure as hell should be! Not only is its premise unbelievably bizzare, but it allows the series to explore themes related to PTSD and the demands society places on its armed forces.

Basically, Attack on Titan is the hit anime of the moment and there’s really no better time to get in on it. Especially with a live-action film coming in only a year’s time. And speaking of that film, it boasts an impressive line-up of creatives that those familiar with Japanese cinema and anime will no doubt be excited to see attached to an Attack on Titan live-action movie. (For a full list, see Otaku Mode’s orignal article.)

Now, however, we know the first of the onscreen talent. Joining the film in the lead role of Eren Yeager – a young boy whose family is torn apart by a Titan attack who later joins the military to fight them – will be Haruma Miura (Tokyo Park, Boku no Ita Jikan). Again, Miura is likely an unknown to most of you out there reading this, but the 23-year-old actor has been earning plenty of acclaim already and a mega-hit with Attack on Titan will only make his career explode! And, potentially even open Miura to opportunities in foreign markets. Surely, Ken Watanabe won’t always be Hollywood’s go-to Japanese actor, right?

Still not sure Attack on Titan is something worth checking out? Let The Fine Bros. and the poor teens they forced to watch the first episode convince you:

Funimation’s English language dub of Attack on Titan is currently airing on Cartoon Network’s late-night anime block, Toonami, Saturday nights as 11:30pm. The entire first season is available to stream in its original Japanese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

And for you fans of the series, let’s hope the Titans are as awesome and terrifying as they look in this Suburu commercial. Yes, a car commercial featuring Titans. Isn’t Japan great?

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