While there are some that come close – and Logan sure as hell is one of them – no movie is perfect and there will always be something for the internet’s creative types to make fun of. One of the latest cheeky tributes to nerd culture’s most popular releases is the newest video from How It Should Have Ended, which today took on the brutal and heart-wrenching R-rated masterpiece that was Logan. The video touches on the few points in the film that could’ve been improved to make for a more seamless and sensible plot and then goes on to a wonderfully bizarre musical finish.

The team behind the video are well aware that the – spoilers – original tear jerker of an ending was very well executed and didn’t try to tear it apart with any sense of seriousness by replacing it with some kind of achievable happy ending that undermines the sacrifices characters make for each other and the greater good.

Instead, they drew parallels between another blockbuster hit that long time Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman starred in, Les Miserableswhich, when you think about it, came to an oddly similar conclusion. Logan is given a momentous send off by an ensemble performance by all of the X-Men, dead and alive, who unite for a show stopping number in Logan’s honour.

And then they turn the tables on the whole thing by figuring out a way to give the movie an opening for some future R-rated sequels after all, which would certainly not be an unwelcome addition to the cinematic output.

In the description of the video, they explained their decision making process when it came to scripting the sketch, how to make such a moving ending funny and what about the film they could really play with:

“If you are curious as to why we made this, well the answer was Logan already ends pretty beautifully. When talking about flaws our biggest hang up in the film was stopping to have dinner with the family. That’s the point where everything goes bad, so really that’s where Logan should’ve put his foot down. Then Chris’ cousins called him up one day saying “We just heard the Les Misérables finale in the car and were laughing about how similar it is to the end of Logan.” So we watched the scene and started giggling at the possibilities. A few weeks later there where lyrics, drawings, and an actual choir from New Zealand singing our goofy track. It has been a bizarre month. We hope you enjoy this silly mashup.”


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