This clip comes courtesy of the Mark of the Spider-Man viral campaign currently going strong, and while it’s short it is sweet. Nothing groundbreaking, mind you, and nothing showing off the movie’s wow-factor of Peter Parker climbing and swinging through Manhattan, but I liked it.

I’m sure once in context we’ll enjoy it even more, but I like the notion of how suspicious a guy would appear trying to hide his super hero costume. Ya look sketchy, Peter. One can only assume after this confrontation he finds his own way into the building using those gifts granted to him via spider bite.

Something this clip does do is make me even more excited to see Andrew Garfield not only as Spider-Man, but as Peter. I love the short bit of wise-cracking we saw in the trailer and I’m interested to see that side of him as well as the shy, nerdy Peter.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3rd.

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