It’s taken three years since the film was announced but the first teaser for Pete’s Dragon, Disney‘s remake of their own live action and cartoon kid-friendly hit from 1977, has now dropped . As with the original, it tells the tale of Pete, a young orphan who has managed to survive alone in the woods with the help of his friend Elliot, who just happens to be a invisible dragon.


As is the way of most teasers, we don’t get a good look at the title character, merely a quick glimpse of his end at the end, but this brief first look does showcase the gorgeous visuals we can expect come August 12. The cynical amongst you may question the logic of making and releasing this now; there is another Disney remake of a Disney film due April 15, but The Jungle Book is totally different, being the story of a young boy lost in a jungle – NOT a forest – who befriends more than one animal, none of which are dragons. Got that? The original film rode the wave of Disney hits that melded live action with hand-drawn animation (and not that convincingly if we’re being brutally honest) and starred 70’s stalwarts Jim Dale, Mickey Rooney and Shelley Winters.


For this new version we get Robert Redford having another walk in the woods, Bryce Dallas Howard having more fun with a (sort-of) dinosaur and ‘Bones’ McCoy himself, Karl Urban. Howard plays Grace who sets off to uncover the truth about Elliot, the creature described by the young Pete who bears a striking similarity to the stories her father (Redford) has been telling for years. It’s safe to say the tone of this will be a lot darker than the original but with an invisible dragon at the story’s heart, this is still a decidedly PG-rated affair.

From a story by S.S. Field, a screenplay from Toby Halbrooks and directed by David Lowery, Pete’s Dragon is released August 12.

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