Over the weekend, MCU juggernaut Avengers: Infinity War crushed box office records across the globe.  The superhero flick, which stars almost every character Marvel has introduced throughout the MCU, managed to outpace every single movie that came before it during its opening weekend, with an impressive $630mil worldwide opening.  Perhaps, you didn’t notice the numbers, considering all of the tears in your eyes after the credits rolled, but there was definitely one team that not only noticed, but took the numbers in stride: Lucasfilms, the home of a galaxy far, far away.

In a tweet send last night from the official @StarWars Twitter account, Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy passed on a congratulatory message to sister company Marvel Studios, with an amazing image to boot.


The previous domestic box office winner had been 2015’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, with an impressive $247.9mil.  This weekend’s Avengers: Infinity War bested that number by $3mil, with a domestic total of $250mil.  The ambitious and heartbreaking film opened to a bank-breaking $630mil worldwide and there is no doubt that those numbers will continue to rise as word of mouth spreads.

Congratulations, Marvel. After all you gave in your latest film, you earned it.  Still, we can all agree that Disney is the real winner here, amirite?

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