So you’re fighting your father when all of a sudden…Bam! off goes your hand, so much for getting to play ‘patty cake’ anytime soon. Thankfully good old medical droid 2-1B is there to give you a awesome looking cybernetic hand, too bad your not Luke Skywalker though.

If we lose a hand all we use to get were hooks or castings that looked like a hand. Thankfully people from our time that have lost that ability to high five are now one step closer to getting that hand from Star Wars. The Lightsabers…that’s another story.

24 year old Patrick opted to be fitted with a state of the art bionic hand after losing his own from an accidental electrocution. While Patrick’s hand isn’t as advanced as Skywalker’s it does have the ability to open, close and rotate a full 360 degrees using  nerve signals from his brain. He is, in effect, controlling it with his mind! It might not be the force we all know and love but it’s definitely a good start.  The prosthetics, made by Otto Bock (who is possibly a Transformer. I’m not sure), pick up the signals from nerve’s in the forearm, using electrodes attached to the skin. For those that hate science as much as the next guy it means that your a walking battery powering your new hand, no need to ever recharge or replace the batteries.

See Patrick’s amazing hand below:


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