Do you believe a man can fly? That’s going to be the question many Superman fans hope director Zack Snyder can answer with Man of Steel. Often, the successful translation of any super heroes powers are the core upon which a successful franchise is built. If viewers can’t accept the on-screen reality of those powers, the movies going to tank.

The production team behind Man of Steel has put out three featurettes that focus on those core powers of Superman, Strength, Flight, and Speed. Take a look at how Snyder and his crew are translating Superman’s (Henry Cavill) those powers to the big screen.




What did you think? The more I see about Man of Steel, the more excited I am to see the movie. Those initial reports of an EMO Superman really had me worried for a bit. Now, I feel Snyder might just pull it off and resurrect that feeling that Richard Donner and Christopher Reeves were able to produce with that first Superman movie in 1978.

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