Man Steals Mother’s Wii….


“Cocaine is a hell of a drug” -Rick James

What would possess a scumbag cocksucker to steal from his mother of all people? To make it worse??? Her Wii!!! Blasphemy! And the icing on the Cake? He got 56 bucks for it!!!!!! I put a PS3 on Ebay last week and made 309 bucks for it!!! And they’re not even hard to get! My brother, who is a DM of Gamestop, said that 3 years running, the Wii is still the hardest consloe to aquire. So why would this dumbfuck not Ebay the console and make a few hundy?  Well if he’s dumb enough to steal from his mom, he’s dumb enough to PAWN it. Must need his meth, or crack…What other reason would a man steal from his mother for????

A 23 year-old man from Spring Hill, Florida has been charged with theft and dealing in stolen property after he nicked his mother’s Nintendo Wii and sold it to buy cigarettes and booze.

Christopher Bayko allegedly stole the Wii last month then sold it to a local pawn shop. When his mother noticed her console was missing, Bayko told her it was “at a friend’s house”, a lie which didn’t hold up too well once she found the receipt for the Wii’s sale.

Worst part? He’s so stupid he sold it for $56.

Man charged after selling mom’s game system [TBO]

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