Mario’s Art of Plumbing


We all know that Mario is a very busy man…after all, he tries to save a princess, travels through some pretty amazing worlds and fights off turtles and mushrooms. But what exactly does he do on his day off? Well, he is a plumber of course! (As if you didn’t know…and yet sometimes forget) Anyways, Pat Kinell drew this picture in which he entitled it “Super Plumber.”

And he isn’t shy about putting some of Mario’s fantasy world into the drawing either. From what you can see there are some nice, and not so nice, turtle friends shmoozing around his feet. There is also a racoon tail that is either 1) attached to his ass or 2) actually attached to a racoon and I don’t even want to know how pissed of that little guy is going to be when Mario gets up. Then moving on the the tissue box on the toilet you can see a mushroom design. Looking at the window you can see a mini piranha plant working on his tan. And then most obvious is that infamous castle design on the wall. So, if you’re at all interested in purchasing this print click here. And for only $50..that’s actually not too bad of a price!

Thanks Slashgamer!

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