Over the weekend nerds across the globe celebrated Star Wars Day on May 4th (as well as Free Comic Book Day) and many, I’m sure, marathoned either all six or only the original three of the trilogy. But, did your screening of Return of the Jedi include a special appearance by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill? I’m gonna go with no. Hamill surprised fans attending a special screening of Jedi at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood; the very theatre where the filmed premiered in 1983. Unsurprisingly, when Hamill answered questions from the audience the topic of Episode VII was broached.

Ain’t It Cool News was on hand and they’ve given an excellent rundown of the Q&A. First of all, he doesn’t know any specifics about Episode VII, but he shared he has had one meeting with Kathleen Kennedy, head of Lucasfilm, and they both agreed the new trilogy should have, “a more balanced approach to the effects,” meaning both CGI and practical effects. And apparently, this has also already been discussed with George Lucas.

Part of me is cautious, saying ‘let well enough alone, let everyone keep their nice memories if they have nice memories and don’t try to go back and do it again.’ But the other side of me, the adventerous side, thinks ‘If everyone’s in, how could I miss this?’

I’m one of you, I feel like you’re one of us. I’ll be in there fighting and trying to be as honest as I can be about what I think it is made these movies so special in the first place. It always starts with the script and that’s why I’m so encouraged by Michael Arndt‘s involvement because I respect his writing so much. He’s a big fan of these movies, so hopefully we can make something that doesn’t make everyone want to find us, cut off our heads and throw it right in our faces.

Hamill also confirmed Carrie Fisher is 100% involved, and that he’s heard Harrison Ford has signed on, too, but hasn’t spoken to him personally about it. He hasn’t yet met with J.J. Abrams, so technically, Hamill involvement isn’t set is stone, but I imagine it’s all but guaranteed. Speaking of what he’d like to see his involvement be Hamill said, “I want it to be age appropriate, so heavy on the Jedi mind tricks and lighten up on the lightsaber duels. Let the kids do the heavily lifting!” Which matches what most of us figured we’d get, Hamill filling that Ben Kenobi role.

AICN reports on a lot more, including Hamill discussing how Lucas had originally intended the saga to be 12 films, what he thinks of Jedi – “Really? A second Death Star? Really? That’s the plot?” – and his issues with Boba Fett’s exit from the series. Definitely worth your time checking out.

At this point, I feel confidant we’re going to see all three – Luke, Leia, and Han – appear in the Episode VII in some capacity. If they can manage to tone down the excessive CGI and include more practical effects I believe this trilogy will be the one to mend those wounds opened by the prequels. Though, I’m still leery about their plans for a new Star Wars film every year. What are you guys thinking?

Source: AICN via Geek Tyrant


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