Just when you thought it was safe, or at least safer after the Spiderman Musical stopped hurting all the stunt men, to return to Broadway . . .

Mars Attacks.

The 1962 sci-fi trading card set is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year. Topps and comic book publisher IDW (Idea + Design Works) are partnering to bring the Mars Attacks franchise to Broadway. Written by John Layman (Chew, Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness) Mars Attacks: 21st Century Slaughter will have all the bells and whistles of a big budget musical. Layman describes the project as an upbeat, sci-fi version of West Side Story complete with snappy tunes:

 “My approach to MARS ATTACKS on stage is sort of a science fiction version of West Side Story: a human and a Martian involved in a star-crossed romance, set against the backdrop of a violent interstellar war—with all of humanity caught in between! It’s going to be a rollicking good time, with songs that will make you want to get up and dance!”

Most people know about the franchise from the Mars Attacks movie in 1996 directed by Tim Burton. Burton took the classic campy nature of the card set and translated that into a fun movie including a top notch cast (Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Danny Devito, and Natalie Portman). Although the movie was met with mixed opinions from moviegoers and critics alike, looking back, most fondly remember the attempt.

Aside from the Broadway show don’t forget that there is also the 50th anniversary card set on the way. This set includes 25 additional never before scenes.

Musical rehearsals are said to start later this year with a projected debut on Broadway sometime in 2013. What do you think? Can this musical make an impression on anyone?

This NerdBastard would love to hear a song in the native Martian tongue.

ACK ! ! ! ACK ! ! !

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