After 3 Iron Man movies, 2 Avengers blockbusters, the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, and Marvel’s phase 3 Infinity War it has seemed like Robert Downey Jr. has a full enough plate. Downey has stated in multiple interviews over the past few years that an Iron Man 4 was not in the works – and honestly after the disappointing Iron Man 3 who could blame him? However, it seems the tide may have turned and we just may have a fourth solo film ahead for one of Marvel’s most beloved icons.

With Captain America: Civil War less than a week away the cast have been making the rounds answering the usual slate of press conference questions. Robert Downey Jr. has kept to his previous statements regarding another solo Iron Man flick throughout the process – until now.

It seems that during a Nightline special sitdown with the cast it was once again brought up.  When asked about his future with within the Marvel cinematic universe Downey replied “I feel like I could do one more.”

Marvel already has the two part Infinity Wars in the pipeline, with Downey contracted already to appear. Just recently it was announced that Downey would make an appearance in the upcoming Spiderman reboot (re-reboot?). With those film appearances already well known, it would seem that Downey’s comment implies another film beyond those. Could it be the elusive Iron Man 4? No other character in the Marvel cinematic universe has gotten 4 solo films, and some would argue that perhaps there are characters who deserve a first solo film before Iron Man 4 sees the light of day *cough cough Black Widow cough cough*.

Marvel knows it can bank on Iron Man though, and no one can argue the selling power of Downey reprising his role of Tony Stark. Perhaps an Iron Man 4 would put off the inevitable reboot that is sure to happen sooner or later or at least get the awful taste out of our mouths after 3.  It would be interesting to see the path a fourth film would take, particularly if director Jon Favreau returned as well. Stark/Iron Man and Downey seem inseparable at this point; there has truly been almost no better casting, especially for a superhero, in recent memory.We can only wait and see if an official announcement appears any time soon. Iron Man in the meantime can be seen in theaters on May 5th going to war with Captain America, in the meantime fans, what say you? Do we need an Iron Man 4?

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