If you read comic books then you know that the major publishers are always shaking things up, Marvel and DC are particularly guilty of mega-event shake-ups that rejigger the status quo in an effort to get fans into a frenzy and into the comic book stores. So here we again, on the cusp of another huge Marvel Comics event, and one that has a simple goal: “We want fans to get fired up. Simple as that,” said Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso in a media release. But fired about about what? The eternal question of whether the Marvel Universe is big enough for two of every character…

This fall, Marvel will release a 50-page one-shot called Legacy, and from Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, it will be a story stuffed with “twists, surprises, mysteries and revelations.”

“This one-shot honors Marvel Comics’ past and it’s a good window into the present day Marvel Universe and then also sets the stage for where we’re gonna go in the future,” said Aaron. “The main goal was just to be able to give this to someone who’s got no idea what’s going on in the Marvel right now and have that be a good entry point for them and I think it does that.”

Sounds vague, and the exact details of what Legacy entails are just as vague, but it seems that part of the intent with Legacy is to bring back the past incarnations of characters everyone’s familiar with. “Marvel Legacy will decide once and for all if the Marvel Universe is big enough for Miles and Peter, Riri and Tony, Thor and Jane Foster, Laura and, dare I say, Logan?” asked Alonso. “Spoiler alert: It is.”

“The biggest challenge was in fitting everything that we had into the story, while still actually having a story!” added editor Tom Brevoort. “When we laid out our plans for this [story] at one of our editorial summits, our community of creators was energetic in offering up key elements of the stories they were planning, so much so that it’s an embarrassment of riches. It’s everything that makes Marvel great, exciting, fun and special in a single high-quality package. This is the Marvel that you remember, and the Marvel that you long for.”

So the emphasis is going to be on Tony Stark, the original Thor, Logan et al, and along with that, Marvel will be doing some renumbering, so that long running books like Amazing Spider-ManDaredevil, and The Punisher will return to their original continuous numbering which could be up towards the 800s in some cases. Marvel promises though that there will also be clear jumping on points for new and old fans, as several “epic storylines” are launched under the Legacy banner. Plus, there will be one more special surprise…

There’s “a last-page reveal that just might break the Internet,” Alonso teased, while Brevoort added that the surprise will feature “the return of a central piece of the Marvel mythos that readers have been mourning in recent months.” Some have taken that to mean that the Fantastic Four will be reclaiming their rightful place in the Marvel comic book universe, as the intra-studio in-fighting between Disney and 20th Century Fox over movie rights has been blamed for the benching of the FF and the marginalization of the X-Men in comic book form.

“Marvel’s ‘legacy’ is its universe of amazing but always relatable characters—each and every one of them loved for their strengths and weaknesses,” added Alonso. “Marvel Legacy will prove that yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder, and we love our iconic characters as much as you do.”

We’ll have more news on Marvel Legacy as it becomes available.

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