After Daredevil set the tone for Marvel’s Netflix series, and now Jessica Jones is killing it in the MCU, rumors started to flow through the internet about what would happen with the next set of series leading up to the Heroes For Hire. Would we see Danny Rand, AKA Iron Fist get his own series or would he be a secondary character in Luke Cage’s series? But it seems that we now have our answer in the form of a showrunner.

DSC_1289-800x800 has confirmed that Scott Buck, who has worked on genre favorites like Dexter and Six Feet Under will be at the helm for the final Netflix solo series for Marvel. Not much is known about what direction they will take the character, but Iron Fist has traditionally been steeped in mysticism and the occult. There is no timeline set for when Ironfist might make his debut into the MCU, but we do have a second season of Daredevil well into filming, Luke Cage already releasing set pictures and Jessica Jones doing gangbusters for the ratings, its almost assured Ironfist will pop up one of those shows before you know it.

Will the Daughters of the Dragon Misty Knight and Colleen Wing make appearances as well?




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