Ohhhhh Deadpool. How we all love you … but your over-exposure in the Marvel Universe is getting a tad distracting.

For those who do not know, Deadpool is currently in four separate comic books: Deadpool (his main book), Deadpool Corps (chronicling the adventures of Deadpool and 3 other parallel universe version of him … oh, and it’s in space), Deadpool Team-Up (where each month he is paired with a different person in the greater Marvel Universe) and the new X-Force (where he is part of an elite mutant hit squad).

Unlike Wolverine (who also appears in tons of comic books each month), Deadpool is pretty much written the same way regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, this can cause a great character to become slightly stagnant for the readers.

Therefore, the wonderful people at Marvel decided to do something of it – They’re going to cancel a book based on reader votes!

So, now it is up to you fellow comic readers. Which would you like to see go: Deadpool Team-Up or Deadpool Corps?

Cast your vote here!

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