Marvel can cast whoever they think is right for their super hero flicks. A) They’re Marvel, they can do whatever they want, and B) they’ve proved their decisions time and time again. They often make surprising choices (like RDJ as Iron Man, and Chris Evans as Captain America), but they’ve always been the right picks. Once you see their actors breath life into a character, you couldn’t possibly picture anyone else in the role. So, yeah, Marvel has done a great job so far.

So, this brings me to Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy; a comic space adventure featuring out of this world characters. The film has already secured the bulk of its main cast, with a few peculiar picks; including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana , Micheal Rooker and Dave Bautista. Pratt and Bautista getting the most head-turns.  However, now Enzo Cilenti has announced on Twitter that he too has joined the film. The tweet was later deleted, but here’s what it said.

I may or may not be in #Guardiansofthegalaxy. I am sworn to secrecy so can’t say. In entirely unrelated news, “I am”.

— Enzo Cilenti (@EnzoCilenti) May 8, 2013

Who the hell is this guy? Yeah, I’ve never heard of him either. Apparently, he’s been in quite a few things, including a mystery role in Kick-Ass 2 but I don’t recognize him.

Most of the lead characters have been cast, but rumor has it the English Cilenti could be playing one of the two remaining members of the Guardians. Rocket Raccoon has been said to be the “heart” of the film and is typically portrayed with a British accent, after all. Now, Doctor Who’s David Tennant was also rumored for this as well, so who knows?

What do you guys think of the casting for Guardians so far? Hit, or miss?

Guardians of the Galaxy will launch into theaters  August 1, 2014




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