After Marvel dropped their big announcement that they would be unleashing a slate of characters who would each be grabbing their own series on Netflix, they basically let the public mine any information it could from the on-set photos that people have been able to snag during the production of those series.  As is often the case with Marvel, the studio has decided to remain pretty tight lipped about what fans can expect from Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and the mashup of these characters that audiences can expect in The Defenders.  Thanks to an interview in the latest Empire with Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, fans may finally get an idea of which direction the various series’ will go.

According to the interview, fans can expect the new Daredevil series to take a stark turn from the 2003 movie that was based on the property.

“The series will not be afraid to go darker than the film did. What we love about this particular set of heroes is that they’re a little more down to Earth. Costume wise and also in that these are gritty crime stories, more in the streets than in the clouds.”

This will likely please many fans of The Man Without Fear who criticized the 2003 film for being a bit too upbeat for a Daredevil movie.  It is interesting to note that Sarandos refers to the other Marvel series’ in almost the same breath, confirming that the dark tone would be a theme that runs through each of the series’.  Now, anyone who watches Marvel movies (so, basically the entire Earth) knows that while there are a few dark elements within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movies that have been released through Marvel Studios have had a sarcastic, witty spine that carries the plot of the movie and keeps it going in between the action scenes (or even during, in the case of Thor/Hulk in The Avengers).  So, this grittiness is a bit of a departure for Marvel.


In addition to keying us in on the tone of the series, Sarandos also teases that audiences may see characters from the new Netflix series’ cross paths with other big screen characters characters in the MCU.

“It has definitely been talked about.”

Alright, so he isn’t ready to spill the beans yet but Sarandos does go on to tell fans how he envisions bringing The Defenders together.

“Eventually the series will run very close together. You can then have a separate season where the characters will cross over.”

Obviously, The Avengers set the bar for the team up and provides an almost perfect model.  Luckily, Sarandos was paying attention.

“It was really based on the theatrical model of The Avengers,” says Sarandos. “Could you take another group of characters, The Defenders, and go about it the same way? Normally they do the big movie and then eventually they get to the group origin story. Having 13 hours to tell each of these stories, you can go right to the origin story and the action at the same time.”

Sarandos has a pretty great point there.  For the most part, each of the Avengers had about 2 hours to get audiences invested in the characters before teaming them up, which worked out very well.  In this case, each of the series will likely have a 13 episode run before joining forces to clean up the streets of New York. In other words, if done correctly, fans will be even more invested in these characters and will even know much more about them before we see the full team roster together.

So, which series will we have to look forward to once Daredevil has wrapped?  If Sarandos is right, Jessica Jones won’t be too far behind.

“Right now, the writers’ rooms are open and they’re looking at casting Jessica.”


That’s some great news.  I know plenty of people are waiting for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to hit the small screen but considering that Jessica Jones will be Marvel’s first attempt at launching a female led property, it will be very interesting to see how it turns out.  As a matter of fact, considering all of the moving parts that have to come together perfectly, it will be pretty interesting to see how ALL of this turns out.  It is Marvel, though, so chances are pretty great that once Daredevil hits Netflix’s streaming service next year, it will be the beginning of a long, wonderful road.

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