Matt Smith, Skinhead!?


A Doctor and his hair. The look of a Doctor can be defined by his hair. Patrick Troughton’s Beatle mop, Jon Pertwee’s perfectly coiffed do, Tom Baker’s crazy curls; their hairdos are almost as memorable as the men who wore them! When Christopher Ecceslton took on the role in 2005 his almost bald look was shocking. Then there was David Tennant’s unruly top which basically turn The Doctor’s hair into an art form of expression. The current Doctor, Matt Smith‘s wild head of hair is as precariously coiffed as Pertwee’s but also as malleable as Tennant’s, and has cemented the iconic look of the Eleventh Doctor along with his bow tie and suspenders.

But, dear god!, what’s happened!?


AHH! What happened to his hair!? It’s…it’s…it’s gone!

Captured on set with director Ryan Gosling – yes, swoon away – for his new flick, How to Catch a Monster, is Smith with a very, very different look. My immediate thought, well, I’m guessing this means filming has wrapped on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special. My second thought, how will his hair grow back in time for Who to begin filming again in the fall!?

Two possibilities. The first, far more likely, is The Doctor’s hair will just be a little shorter for this year’s Christmas Special. Maybe there’ll even be a clever reason why. Here’s the second, unlikely, and oh-god-I-hope-is-false theory: the 50th anniversary special really is Smith’s last hurrah as The Doctor.

Hmm, and now I’m wondering about those John Hurt rumors and how they may play a role in all of this. What are you bastards thinking? A lot of freakin’ out over some hair that could very well grow back in time to film the 2013 Christmas special? Or has Smith really moved on?

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