Matt Smith Staying With the TARDIS Till 2014

Expect no regeneration for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special, Matt Smith has announced he’s sticking with the show through 2014. That means whatever horrible things and scenarios Steven Moffat and co. throw his way come series seven and the greatly anticipated anniversary special, he’ll make it through. I take some comfort in that for now, but I know Moffat will make us pay for it in the end, with our tears.

When asked why’s he’s chosen to stay on, Smith told The Sun,

His first episode sounds great.

It hasn’t been written yet but the idea is as brilliant and as mental as you’d expect from Steven. So there’s a lot to look forward to.

When Steven was going to pitch the next season to me not long ago, he said, ‘Are you ready to cry?’

Moffat! How you like to torture us!

He continued on, promising the 50th anniversary special won’t disappoint,

We want to do 50 years—and everyone that’s been associated with the show—justice. We want to go, ‘Look, world, here is Doctor Who. It’s 50 years old, a science-fiction show, still going and going from strength to strength’.

Steven will do something brilliant. He’ll do something grand or maybe something very simple but he’ll come to it as a fan.

He’ll go, ‘What would I want to see?’

So, what do you want to see? I’m still holding for some sort of mulit-Doctor storyline. I know those episodes don’t always turn out to be the best, but it’s sort of expected for such a milestone event. I think it’s been made obvious David Tennant would love to return. Christopher Eccelston on the other hand, maybe not so much. And, I still think it’d be great to allow Paul McGann another shot as depicting his Doctor on screen. I know the 1996 movie wasn’t the greatest, but I’m telling ya, McGann’s work in the Doctor Who audio adventures is  fantastic and I think the guy deserves another chance.

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