Matthew Vaughn might be tiring of super heroes after helming both Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. (I don’t understand how, but then again I’m a cape ‘n’ cowl junkie) But if he is sick of ’em that’s not the reason he’s giving us for why they’ll be no Kick-Ass 2. Mark Miller and John Romita Jr. are already hard at work with the comic book sequel, Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, which has two issues published. But a movie based on this comic is unlikely, at least one directed by Vaughn,

Everyone says we’re doing Kick-Ass 2 but… the weird thing about Kick-Ass 2 is I’d love to do it, because I enjoyed it so much, but I’m a big believer that if you’re going to do a sequel it’s got to be as good as the first one if not better. I just don’t know how I could…

My business brain just says do Kick-Ass 2, shoot it and get it out there and it would make a lot of money but I really do love that movie. It was a special moment to me making that film and I don’t want to spoil it. I’m not saying it’s as good as Pulp Fiction but I think it would be weird if Tarantino did Pulp Fiction 2. Everything that made Kick-Ass original and fun, if you do it again, it would be crass…

I would go out on that limb and say Kick-Ass is the Pulp Fiction of comic book movies, and maybe a sequel would ruin the bloody magic of the first. We’ll really just have to wait and see how the comic’s sequel pans out. Thus far the first two issues have delivered on all the violence and dark humor of the first, so if the comic sequel is good enough why not try for another movie? It shouldn’t be a rushed production by any means, but with enough time and preparation I say why not. Sequels are so common these days, it’s refreshing when Hollywood makes one worth seeing.

Bummed out by no Vaughn-directed Kick-Ass 2? Don’t worry , we’ve got First Class opening in a week, June 3rd. Somehow I doubt First Class will feature a 10-year-old girl slicing through thugs and dropping ‘cunts’ and ‘fucks’ left and right. Which is a downright shame.

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